SCREENSAVER- Style Programs

Cobwebs: Executable or Text Version

Proper Screensaver Version: Executable or Text Version

This is just a sort of screensaver. To stop it, press -s-. Then press any other key to exit.
To use the proper Screensaver version, download the executable and save it in the
C:\WINDOWS\System32 file on your PC. Then select CobwebsSC in the Display/Screensavers section of your Control Panel.

Anodised Pipes: Executable or Text Version

Shows partially transparent 3-D pipes in true perspective, with a picture behind.
N.B: To run the Text version - you'll need to provide your own .bmp called BackPic.bmp in the same folder as your program.

Bezier Cage: Executable or Text Version

Assembly Language enhanced Version: Executable or Text Version

Generalised Bezier curves up to 10th order, slightly modified September 2017: Executable or Text Version

Displays a cage-like structure of Bezier curves, using the formula below to determine plot-points from a number of reference points along the curve.

Smudges: Executable or Text Version

Although just a trivial screensaver-style Program, it relies on the application of a principle from rather advanced mathematics, which all the same is the principle which makes our everyday world as reasonably predictable as it seems to us (as opposed to totally chaotic). I use the Central Limit Theorem idea that the sum of sufficient random variables is approximately a Normal Distribution (aka Bell-Shaped or Gaussian) - regardless of the distribution of the individual random variables; put another way - the sum always "clusters" - hence the "predictability" consequence - even if the individual variables are completely random! A stunning result.

Here is an alternative version using a completely different approach: The von Neumann Accept/Reject Algorithm

SmudgesAlt: Executable or Text Version

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Blobs: Executable or Text Version

Similar to the Anodised Pipes above, but in this case they're anodised floating spheres or blobs in 3-D.

Scribble: Executable or Text Version

Proper Screensaver Version: Executable or Text

Totally trivial fractal screensaver-style program.